Monday, September 25, 2006

September Baptisms

(Above) Danie giving testimony

(Above) Eamonn & Danie

(Above) Eamonn giving testimony

(Above) Danie & Eamonn after baptism

(Above) Danie & Eamonn

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Landscapes of Ireland

(Above) Harvesting Turf

(Above) Malahide Castle

(Above) Celtic Cross

(Above) Ardgillian Castle

(Above) The Cliffs of Mohr

(Above) The City Market

(Above) Church of Ireland

(Above) The City of Dublin

(Above) Church in ruins

(Above) Ploughing Championship

(Above) Rose Gardens of Tralee

(Above) Sheep Crossing

(Above) Christ Church Cathedral

(Above) Old Church

(Above) A stolen car

(Above) The Wicklow Mountians

(Above) Trim Castle

(Above) Thatched house

(Above) The Wicklow Mountians

Monday, August 14, 2006

2006 Church Picnic

These are pictures from our 2006 Church Picnic held at Donadea Forest. We had 28 people in attendance and it was a great time.

2006 Ken Lynch Evangelistic Meetings

(Above) Lisa and our Kids singing a special.

(Above) Brother Lynch Violin special.

(Above) Kids Class with Mrs. Lynch.

(Above) Congregation singing during the meetings.

(Above) Congregation enjoys Bro. Lynch on his violin.

Ngozie's Baptism

(Above) Ngozie' Baptism Service.

(Above) Ngozie's Baptism Service.
(Above) Ngozie's Baptism Service.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Distributing Packets

(Above) Kevin helping with the distribution.

(Above) Kevin helping with the disributions. #2

(Above)Kevin helping with the distribution #3

(Above) Don out on distribution.

Church Photos

(Above) Don at Church.

(Above) The River Valley Baptist Church family.

(Above) Don & lisa in the service at Church.

Baptismal Services

(Above) Ellen's Baptism.

(Above) Karissa's Baptism.

(Above) Karissa's Baptism.

(Above) Ellen's Baptism. #2

(Above) Kari's Baptism.

(Above) Kari's Baptism. #3

(Above) Kari's Baptism. #4

(Above) Kaley's Baptism.

Kaley's Baptism. #2